Want a mouth-wateringly-delicious law school application?

That's Me

HI, I'm Hannah.

I'm the Chief Law School Strategist at Law School Solutions. 


I’m so tickled you’re here. I get all bubbly inside at the thought of being able to help you get into law school.

Check-out this Q&A I did with myself to learn more about me.

Hannah Hammersmith in Burgundy Suit for Attorney at Law


Name: Hannah Hammersmith


Title: Chief Law School Strategist


Why did you start Law School Solutions? To help people who want to make a difference go to law school.


Why should I trust you? 

(1)  Because I’ve done this before. I’ve helped law school applicants apply to UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Washington University, William & Mary and more.


(2)  I write a scrumptious blog that shows everything over here.


(3) Still don’t believe me? Okay, okay...I didn’t want to have to go here, but take a peek at what other people are saying.

Truly an amazing person and a God send. Will work with her many times over
— Law School Applicant
Very impressed with her quick response and great product
— Law School Applicant
Hannah Hammersmith in Graduation Outfit for Graduated from UCLA School of Law

Are you really a legit professional? Yes, I’m a member of the Western Association of Prelaw Advisors and the Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors.


What makes you so much better than all the other guys? I listen to you and address your unique situation, instead of spending the entire time talking about myself.


Did you go to a real law school? I consider UCLA “real.”  


Are you an attorney? The State Bar of California thinks so. 


Could you not get a job as an attorney or something? Ouch! I’m going to let the snark go.  I’m currently a litigator for the State of California.  


What's your favorite day of the week? Monday. I had you going for a second, huh?  


Do you have little ones? Yes, I have two. Mulan is my baby. She is my four-year-old long-hair chihuahua. Sugar is a Momma’s girl and has me well trained. She is my seven-year-old mini American Eskimo.


What’s a random fact that no one really cares about? I can clog dance. 


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